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During our Deliverance service tagged 'Breaking The Head of The Serpent', Pastor asked us to come with our handkerchiefs. I came with mine and took it to the place I wanted to purchase a truck for my company. The seller was adamant at selling it for #3M. I went behind and struck the handkerchief at the truck and went home. Later, I got a call from the seller asking me to come take the truck for #1.7M. Truly, the Power of God is here! Hallelujah!


During a Mid-Week service, Pastor said he saw a vision and he wanted to pray for all Charisites (Spirit Chapel Choristers). He came during one of our rehearsals and laid hands on all of us and he cancelled every evil targeted at us. He said he was going to pray for us again at Power Night. On Friday, just before Power Night, I was involved in a ghastly car accident that almost claimed my life. I really cannot imagine what my story would have been if I do not have such a Man of God who is sensitive to the Spirit and prays for me. I am eternally grateful for this.


My sister had marital delay for years and it has been difficult settling down. During Power Night, Pastor located her by prophecy and I came out representing her. He prayed for her and cancelled the hold of delay in her life. Months later, she got engaged to a quality man, kept and preserved by God for her. Right now, she is happily married and I can't thank God enough for this Great Grace upon my Man of God.


I joined this church less than two months ago and during one of our programmes, I came with an handkerchief as instructed by Pastor. My elder brother has been having ceaseless insanity for years which has kept him in and out of the hospital. My man called me recently about the case and I told her to take my brother out of the hospital and use the handkerchief Pastor prayed on. She called me back and to the Glory of God, my brother who has been insane for years is now well and mentally sound. God truly lives here. Hallelujah!


I met with a patient at U.C.H with diagnosed cancer at the terminal point. I had compassion on her and gave her an anointing oil Pastor prayed on. I checked on her later and found out that the Cancer has disappeared. She had series of tests which confirmed her healing. I have never seen anything like this before! Glory to God.


Before I joined this church, things were not really right for me and my family. It was so bad that my husband was a driver for a long time. But since I joined this church, our story has completely changed. We have built our house and my husband has gotten a new job as well as myself. Right now, we are experiencing the Glory of God on every side. I thank the God of Spirit Chapel for using his servant to change my family's story.

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